Worker’s Compensation Law in Missouri – Who provides medical treatment?

In Missouri, after the Employer has received notice of the injury, the Employer has the right to select the medical providers. Their doctors may recommend certain treatment, tests, etc.  If the Insurer does not authorize or excessively delays their doctors’ recommendations, then you will most likely have to hire an attorney to navigate your case.  The attorney may request a telephone conference and/or a Hardship Hearing to address this issue before an Administrative Law Judge.  If the Employer does not authorize any medical treatment and denies your claim, then you may select your medical providers.  This can be a complicated scenario, so you are encouraged to consult an attorney to help devise a plan of action.   If you would like a free consultation for your work-related injury, please call The Page Law Group LLC at (417)719-4774 for a free consultation.  

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