Workers’ Compensation Law in Missouri – Notice of Injury

For all claims after August 27th, 2005, you must notify your Employer of your work-related injury within thirty (30) days.  If you have a repetitive trauma injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome, you must inform your Employer within 30 days of the medical diagnosis of this condition by a physician. Your injury date for a repetitive type trauma will most likely be the date of the diagnosis. It is always better to err on the side of caution and report all significant injuries (excluding minor scrapes that are treatable on site) so that you do not confront this problem of not notifying your Employer in a timely manner.  If you injure yourself at work and do not report it within the 30-day timeframe, then your claim may be denied as the Employer has the right to select your medical providers.    If you report your injury in a timely manner and your Employer does not send you for medical treatment, then you may select your own medical providers. However, notice to the Employer should be communicated in writing, if possible.   If you have been injured on the job and have further questions about your claim, please call The Page Law Group LLC at (417)719-4774 for a free consultation.  

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